How Pro X Markets Your Home For Sale

One of the most important elements of choosing a realtor to assist with the sale of your home or property is based on its marketing strategies and reputation. Selecting a real estate agency who actively works to sell your home is essential. And, while many agencies are the same, Pro X Realty stands out with its cutting-edge and creative marketing methods and techniques. We market your listing in a variety of ways:

Visual images boost appeal

Pro X Realty markets your home by demonstrating to others how attractive, functional and well-maintained it is. Quality photos show off its best assets, modern appliances, outbuildings, outdoor spaces, entertainment areas and private living quarters. An optional virtual tour gives prospective buyers a private view of your entire home, before visiting in person. Additionally, images of your home may be included in an optional promotional video that will target specific buyers who may have an interest in a property like yours.

Social media reaches out to everyone

Through promoting your property on Facebook, Twitter and (possibly) YouTube, Pro X Realty distributes information to a virtual audience all over the world. This type of marketing makes it easy for viewers to share with friends or family members they think might be interested in your property. We are avid social media members and feel this is an integral element to getting the word out about your listing.

Traditional marketing techniques work

Pro X Realty utilizes various traditional marketing methods such as yard sign promotions, MLS inclusion, newspaper ads, open houses, website listings and refrigerator magnet campaigns. We utilize our personal network to create enthusiasm about your home's listing. And, we consistently generate interest through the signs on our vehicles, using them as mobile billboards.

Creative options are abundant

Pro X Realty is open to other opportunities to market your home to friends and family members or other brokers and their buyers. We have found that hosting a party is a great way to attract potential buyers, incorporating a social atmosphere with libations or other spirits. We can help with professional staging of your home, that creates a more polished look and decor so future buyers can visualize living there more easily. And, professional photography may enhance the marketability of your home by offering better glimpses of its special features.

As your real estate agency, we feel it's our privilege to help you sell your home. We will implement a full range of traditional and modern marketing techniques to attract excited buyers. We know that the marketing phase of your listing is integral to developing a successful sale.

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