Top 4 Reasons Why Purchasing a Home in Pittsburg, KS, is a Good Investment

October 3, 2017

Top 4 Reasons Why Purchasing a Home in Pittsburg, KS, is a Good Investment

Stocks, bonds and other portfolio boosters are commonly thought to be the proper type of investments you should make when trying to build income. Another investment you should seriously consider includes your home.

For many people, the purchase of a home is the biggest investment they will make in their lifetimes. The Pro X Realty professionals offer the top 4 reasons purchasing a home in Pittsburg, KS, is a good investment:

  1. Stable Market: The real estate market in Pittsburg, KS, is stable with very little value fluctuation. It’s a low-risk market, backed up by an industry-rich region and influenced heavily by the presence of Pittsburg State University. Properties retain their values, and market interest is steady.
  2. Strong Rental Market: As Pittsburg, KS, and the surrounding region is known for its strong economy, bringing in professionals sometimes needing temporary housing. Additionally, college students present strong numbers in the rental market. Purchasing a home for a rental property is an excellent investment. Additionally, if you decide you no longer wish to live in your home, the potential for it to be successful as a rental is significant.
  3. Location: Just a couple of hours from Kansas City, a few minutes from Joplin and an hour or so from Tulsa, Pittsburg, KS, is centrally located to various activities. It gives the convenience of city living, with a small-town feel.
  4. Property Values: Due to the cost of living benefits of Pittsburg, KS, you are able to obtain a property with much more worth for less money than in many regions. Additionally, many properties have advantages unavailable in other geographic locations, such as large yards, historic features or convenience to activities.

All in all, the purchase of a home in Pittsburg, KS, is a good investment. Contact the realtors at Pro X Realty today to get started on your hunt for a house!

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