Little-known Tips For Buying a Home

October 9, 2017

Little-known Tips For Buying a Home

It’s never the tasks that everyone knows about that derail the purchase of a home. Nor, do the common tips deliver you at an increased advantage for buying a house. It’s the little-known things to look for when buying a house that will make or break your deal. Here are a few that the experts at Pro X Realty have identified:

  1. Research grants and alternative funding sources: Although the traditional route is to go to a mortgage company or your bank, some buyers obtain extra boosts in their funds by applying for grants or other low-interest loans. Many other sources are available based on your profession. Farming and teaching are popular occupations associated with grants. Additionally, some properties qualify for funding if they meet certain conditions, such as being located in a high poverty area or are rurally based. (Pittsburg, Kansas, may qualify for both criteria.)
  2. Investigate your neighborhood: Check with law enforcement and the local EMS departments to see if your potential home is located in a low-crime neighborhood in Pittsburg, Kansas. Additionally, learn whether your neighbors rent or own. If it’s prominently a renters’ area, it could change dramatically as people move in and out.
  3. Use an odd number for your bid: Sellers may pass off your bid using a round number ($100,000, for example), because it doesn’t indicate you put much thought into your offer. However, if you utilize an odd number ($101,467, for instance), it causes them to think you’ve researched the market and put a lot of thought into the number. It may not always work, but it’s worth a shot!
  4. Include a personal letter with your offer: Buying a home in a competitive market is hard. Make your offer or bid stand out by an attempt to personally connect with the seller. An owner with a personal attachment to a home may be swayed by your heartfelt letter, explaining how their home will be a place to raise your family.

Other little-known tips are usually reserved for the professionals. Check with an agent at Pro X Realty for more tips to buy your dream home.

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