How to Create Your Next Home’s “Must-have” Features List

October 5, 2017

How to Create Your Next Home’s “Must-have” Features List

The sky’s the limit when you’re brainstorming ideas for your next home in Pittsburg, Kansas. Realtors from Pro X Realty hear requests from buyers all of the time that include special features that are “must haves” for their quests. Here are some ideas about how to create your next home’s “must-have” features list:

  • Examine your lifestyle: Do you like to entertain? Do you spend time outdoors? Do you have a lot of “stuff?” They way you live and the things you have dictate many “must-have” features in your next home. From storage requirements to big yards to large kitchens, your habits and ways that you spend your time will heavily influence what you deem important in your new home.
  • Embrace technology: Some home buyers are technology junkies and desire a home with all of the bells and whistles — a smart home. Others just need enough outlets to plug in a few lamps and power their essentials. Determine your reliance on technology and electrical devices as a way of establishing your “must-have” features in Pittsburg, Kansas.
  • Personalize it: After assessing your personal style and tastes, look for homes that reflect your personality as a family. Historical and original woodwork might be a desired feature for some, while others might want a whimsical mix of architectural styles. Through examination of your likes and dislikes, the style and decor of the home become “must-have” elements.

Be realistic: While it’s easy to dream up extravagant “necessities,” it’s important to be pragmatic about your next home. A big kitchen, yes — but, a 1,500 square foot professional chef’s space? Probably not!

Call on the professionals at Pro X Realty today to get started on the search for your next home. They have Pittsburg, Kansas, homes with all the options!

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