Why You Need Homeowner’s Insurance in Pittsburg, KS

September 20, 2017

Why You Need Homeowner’s Insurance in Pittsburg, KS

Buying a home involves LOTS of choices and steps. From home inspections to contract negotiations, the process is, often, overwhelming. Each stage of the home buying process is important, but one of the last decisions is one of the most important. Your decision to purchase homeowner’s insurance protects your investment for years to come.

Your lender requires it

It’s rare for a lender or mortgage company to grant a loan for a home without the accompanying purchase of homeowner’s insurance. Until the loan is paid in full, the lender is the actual owner of your home and property. By requiring that you buy homeowner’s insurance, they know that the value of the property is protected, should damage occur.

The weather in Pittsburg, KS, can be damaging

While the weather in Pittsburg, KS, is usually moderate and pleasant, there are times that mother nature shows her wrath. Tornadoes, hail storms, high winds, and lightning can do some serious damage to your home and its contents. Trying to find the money to repair or rebuild it when something catastrophic happens may be impossible. However, a homeowner’s insurance policy can provide the funds to rebuild or perform the necessary repairs to restore your home to its original condition, or better.

Accidents happen

Properties can be damaged and destroyed by an accidental fire or other mishaps. A homeowner’s insurance policy can protect your home from these accidents and ensure that you won’t be left without a roof over your head due to a goof up or freak occurrence.

Crime can impact your home

Homeowner’s insurance policies protect from vandalism and theft. If burglars enter your home, damage your entry and take valuable belongings, your policy will pay for repairs and replacement items.


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