Why You Should Buy Instead of Rent in Pittsburg, KS

July 19, 2017

Why You Should Buy Instead of Rent in Pittsburg, KS

The decision to buy, instead of rent, a home can depend on several factors. Online calculators allowing the input of numerous details are plentiful and can help you break down the financial perspective when you are debating buying versus renting. But, for many people, they find it to be much more advantageous to buy instead of renting in Pittsburg, KS. Consider these benefits:


  • Save money over time: Homeowners who plan to keep a property for at least 5 to 7 years are benefitted through the savings of paying a mortgage, instead of rent. Over time, the amount you will typically pay through your mortgage will be considerably less than it would be for a rental property of similar value.
  • Stability: When you own your home with a fixed mortgage, you know how much your payment is going to be each month. Each year, you can make a long-term budget, using that predetermined mortgage payment. For the next several years, you know how much you’re going to be paying for your home. However, when you rent, the lease is unstable. Each year you may find yourself in the position to negotiate a new lease — or be required to move to afford your lease. Buying a home in Pittsburg, KS will allow you the security of a consistent payment.
  • Control: As a renter, your abilities to make modifications to your home are limited. However, as a homeowner in Pittsburg, KS, you can change the landscaping, paint rooms new colors, remodel and make desired repairs as frequently (or infrequently) as you desire. Buying a home entitles you to the freedom to modify your home in any fashion you see fit.
  • Tax breaks and credits: As a renter, there are limited options to save money on your taxes. But, home buyers have several tax breaks they are entitled to, including mortgage interest, real estate taxes and points. Some homeowners are allowed credits based on energy credits and casualty losses. These tax savings can add up quickly, helping make the advantage to own a home clear.


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