Top 4 Benefits to Using a Real Estate Agent

March 28, 2017

Top 4 Benefits to Using a Real Estate Agent

Generally, people only buy or sell a home a few times in their lives. The process changes rapidly and is riddled with legal details that make it challenging for seasoned professionals. As you’re preparing to venture into the real estate market, either as a buyer or seller, you’ll benefit from these top 5 benefits to using a real estate agent:

  1. The knowledge and expertise of a real estate agent are valuable to the process. Real estate agents fulfill education requirements and credentialing examinations to be able to work in the industry. They know the legal aspects of buying or selling property, including details related to inspections, disclosures, reports, contracts, negotiations, financials and other factors important to the entire process. If you don’t hire a realtor for your efforts, you’re left trying to wade through all of these things on your own, hoping to not make a mistake.
  2. Real estate agents have market knowledge. Buyers and sellers have specific needs pertaining to their unique markets. Realtors should have in-depth knowledge of the market, as a whole, and specifically about neighborhoods or business districts. From being able to tell you about the schools in a particular area to advice about pricing your home for sale, a real estate agent’s knowledge of the market can assist your efforts greatly.
  3. A real estate agent advertises for you. Contrary to typical assumptions, houses don’t sell just from the MLS listing or online directories. Real estate agents work to get your property in front of prospective (and qualified) buyers. From scheduling showings and open houses and including it in other forms of advertisements, your real estate agent puts in a lot of effort to get your property sold. If you were to take this effort up on your own, you’d have significant time invested.
  4. A real estate agent provides convenience. As a seller, you have to field a lot of calls from buyers who aren’t really interested or are unqualified to buy your property. As a buyer, you would have to do the legwork on a lot of properties prior to finding one you like. Additionally, once you decide to start the negotiations process, real estate agents work to put the deal together. If you didn’t hire an agent, all of these details would be left to you. The convenience of having someone working for you makes the entire process much easier.

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