What Size of Home Do You Really Need?

February 14, 2017

What Size of Home Do You Really Need?

According to the U.S. Census data, the average American home has nearly doubled in size since the 1950s. It’s no surprise, really, when you consider that families rarely “live” in their living rooms and spend more time in man caves, great rooms and expanded bedrooms. However, as you consider purchasing a home, it’s essential to carefully assess how big of a home you actually require.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:


  • What is your lifestyle like?


How you spend your life will determine many things about the size of home you need. If you entertain and host well-attended parties, it’s possible that a larger home easily fits into your plans. Buyers with extended family members who come to visit frequently will require a bigger house. However, if you tend to stay home and value “together time,” having a spacious, sprawling home could be overkill.


  • How much time, effort and money do you want to spend on your home?


All homes require frequent cleaning, maintenance and repairs and decorating. The more house you own, the more of these tasks you’ll have to do. Minimalists will say that they are not thrilled at the idea of a large home, because they may choose to spend their time on other endeavors. Even if you think the idea of spending lots of time tending to your home sounds nice, money is also a factor that may limit this concept. If you’re not going to have a lot of extra funds to devote to these considerations, it may be wise to reduce the footprint of the home you plan to buy.


  • What does life hold for you in the future?


Adding to your family by having children may provide a justifiable reason to look for a larger home. Many buyers consider that they may be required to take care of an elderly parent or family member in the future. Looking for a bigger home in either of these cases makes sense. However, if you’re about to become an empty nester, you might think of downsizing.

Think about these other helpful tips about choosing the right size home.

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