How Long Will It Take For My House to Sell?

February 28, 2017

How Long Will It Take For My House to Sell?

Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can answer the question about how long your home may be on the market before you turn over the keys to a new owner. But, with the help of a Pro X Realty professional, you can reduce the time it takes to sell your home.

In the meanwhile, know that there are certain factors that will influence how quickly your home sells.


Everyone knows that location is a huge attraction for buyers. It will be a contributing circumstance  in how long your home is on the market.

Buyers look for homes in:

  • friendly, upkept neighborhoods
  • good school districts
  • in close Proximity to quality-of-life landmarks, such as parks


Homes priced within their true market value are much more likely to sell sooner than homes that are overpriced. Additionally, as you attempt to estimate the length of time your home will be for sale, consider the overall economic environment of your community.

If you are trying to sell a luxury home priced in the millions, it may take a lot longer, especially if your community doesn’t have a big pool of buyers looking for such a home.

However, if your home is more moderately priced, your community may have more buyers who have the resources to make a purchase.

Comparable Homes

Look around at homes comparable to yours that are on the market. Checking to see how long they’ve been on the market may help give you a realistic estimate of how long it will take to sell yours.


Homes in well-maintained, updated condition sell significantly faster than properties that have lacked attention. Making sure your home has great curb appeal, from the landscaping to porch decor, will increase buyer interest. And, staging your home to make it look its best will reduce its time on the market.

In addiiton to these considerations, adds some other factors that may affect your home’s time on the market.

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